Artistic Director

Rachel Schwarz, DirectorRachelHeadshots02-retouched

Rachel brings over a decade of experience to the members of the CK Children’s Choir, and she also brings a personal understanding and appreciation for the benefits of a student becoming involved in a choir.  She holds a Bachelor of Music from The University of Western Ontario, and a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance and Literature from Western.  She has training and performed across Canada, the US and Europe, and is pleased to bring her knowledge and experience to students in Chatham-Kent.

Growing up in C-K, Rachel’s childhood and early exposure to music were shaped by her experiences in the Youth Voices of Kent, a children’s choir under the direction of the late Janet Wake.  Although YVK no longer exists, the memories she made, the knowledge she gained and the friendships she forged have stayed with her and shaped her growth as a musician.

Rachel wants children in CK to have the opportunity to have that experience again.  She knows from experience what a difference a choir can make in a child’s life, and she is hoping to help aspiring musicians in CK make their own wonderful memories.

The choirs will have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of musical genres, perform all around the community and workshop with talented composers and performers.