Want great music lessons for your child? Come to Canada!

While this isn’t exactly choir-related, I felt that this information was too exciting and important to go unnoticed. What do you look for in a private music teacher for your child? Have you heard about the Royal Conservatory of Music? If you haven’t, read on so that you are able to make an informed decision when searching for a private studio teacher for your child.


Did you know that the Canada has one of the best music training programs in the world? No kidding.


What’s even more amazing? Most Canadians have no idea what a gem we have, and that they should be looking for a teacher who is ready and able to take advantage of it.


The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto is a real Canadian success story. It’s program is so comprehensive that there is absolutely nothing south-of-the-border that can compete with it. Seriously. So RCM is expanding and going international!


Check out this great article for more information on RCM’s global expansion.


What does that mean for you and your student?  If you’re serious about seeking out musical training for your child, make sure that Canada’s amazing conservatory training is a part of the equation.


A teacher who understands and works with the conservatory’s system is going to make sure that your child’s training is comprehensive and well-rounded.   This is a time-honoured, well observed system for achieving musical excellence in aspiring Canadian musicians, and it should be a part of your child’s training.


This is how I teach.  It’s also how I was trained – I’m an alum of the RCM conservatory system, and I think this is great news!


Congratulations to the Royal Conservatory of Music for all the wonderful achievements they’ve made in the field of music education in Canada.


– Rachel


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