We’ve got a new look!!!

It’s an exciting day for the Chatham-Kent Children’s Chorus!  I’m happy to be able to unveil our new logo, created by an exceptionally talented local designer, Rachel Ann Smit.

One look at this logo can tell you a lot about our organization, our children, and what we are working toward here in Chatham-Kent.

Here’s what we’re all about:


1)   Happy Children – the very first – and most striking – part of our logo is our happy, singing child.  Who is the child singing to?  Anyone and everyone!  He could be singing for himself, for his family, for our community, or for an international audience.  There are no limits to what our talented young children are capable of, and the CKCC is dedicated to helping them achieve their potential.  One thing is certain when you look at this young singer – he is full of joy and confidence!


2)   Inclusion – The whimsical ribbons in our logo aren’t just nice to look at, they make an important statement: every child in Chatham-Kent can belong to this choir.  Children of all communities, ages, abilities and backgrounds belong with us.   Music is – by nature – an inclusive activity; that’s what makes it so special.  The CKCC knows the power of a musical organization dedicated to young people – all interested, local children have a safe place within this group.


3)   Tradition – A little bit of tradition is a good thing, especially in a world that encourages children to grow up too quickly.   The children in the CKCC may not know it, but they are continuing a centuries-old tradition by becoming a part of this choir. The text in our logo does a wonderful job of blending tradition and whimsy – two key elements in the growth and development of a children’s choral program.


So there you have it …  A logo that speaks to the very essence of the Chatham-Kent Children’s Chorus.   It’s turned out even better than I’d hoped (all thanks to a wonderful designer and friend), and I’m so pleased that it’s ready for our Christmas debut!

Keep your eyes open around Chatham-Kent … I think that you’ll be seeing a lot of this lovely logo, and – even more importantly – you’ll be hearing great things from the young singers who make up the Chatham-Kent Children’s Chorus.


– Rachel